Kiln Dried 10” Ash Logs – 20 x 40L nets


Bigger nets, More Logs, Better value

Our 40L nets are fantastic value

Giving you the best burn at all times,

Why not add a jumbo bag of Kindling to your order saving you even more money as these are fantastic value, only £12 per bag.

Kindling nets at just £2.50 per net, comes with carry handle.

Super fast delivery.


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Each net weighs approx 14-16kg

Ash supply is becoming very difficult to get hold of and we believe within 3-5 years it will no longer be available, due to the lack of Ash the price has risen drastically against last year.

Our premium kiln dried logs are ready to burn straight away, these can be used on open fires, log burners, multi fuel stoves, fire pits, chimineas and pizza ovens, they have an average of 12-20% moisture which guarantee’s a great burn, they generate fantastic heat and burn slower than seasoned logs, this giving you great value for money. They burn very clean and much better than unseasoned, ‘wet’ logs which deposit onto your chimney or flue.

All the logs are cut to 25cm (10″) and come in breathable nets which are great for storage and carrying.

We deliver not just to your home but to your storage area, we don’t drop at kerbside like other suppliers.

Our supplier guarantee’s all firewood is from sustainable woodland and is FSC registered.

Price includes VAT at 5%



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