Q. Why are kiln dried logs considered the best type of firewood?

A. As a customer its important to understand that you have probably spent thousands of pounds having a lovely log burner stove fitted and now probably its the main focal point of the home. And of course you are expecting it to heat your room or rooms of the household. By burning cheap wood this won’t achieve or meet your expectations, its important to understand by doing this you not only don’t achieve the required heat you are probably damaging your stove, flue or chimney.

Burning kiln dried logs we sell Ash, hornbeam, oak, birch and alder, we guarantee that the moisture level is under 20% and can vary from between 12-18%. All our firewood is ready to burn and will achieve great heat and satisfaction.

Q. Whats wrong with seasoned logs?

A. Nothing is wrong with seasoned logs when they have been seasoned properly, but how many suppliers can store and season their logs for 18-36 months, as it does depend on how they store and if their facility can air dry them to the correct moisture. We have found that you will use more seasoned logs than kiln dried, which by using kiln dried will not just save you money it will give you better heat.

Q. What logs do Staffordshire kindling supplies provide?

A. 65% of our customers purchase our Kiln dried Ash logs which come netted which is easier for handling and storing. When we deliver your order in nets we carry them to your designated storage area, which saves you a job. We also sell builders bags of kiln dried Ash logs and mixed hardwood logs ( Silver Birch & Hornbeam, Oak & Alder ) which are dropped off as close as possible to your house. We recommend the logs in nets as it has been said they are much more easier for our customers to handle, where as the builders bag you as the customer will have to spend a few hours moving them to your storage area, remember let us do the hard work for you by placing the nets at your storage place.

Q. How long will the logs burn for and last?

A. How long is a piece of string? It really does depend on how often you burn, how much you enjoy a roaring fire, or more importantly what logs are you burning. By burning our kiln dried Ash logs you are guaranteed the best burn. BUT remember its also important to control the air flow on your stove, some people like my wife enjoys watching the flames roar, but once your room, house is warm enough turn your air flow down and keep it ticking over just like you do with your central heating for those who have it. The other thing to remember is how big is your stove and how many rooms are you heating? Do you have room for an Eco fan? these are great and the help distribute the heat from the stove, there are also metal thermometers that you can place on your flue or stove which help guide your burning skills. On average a person who burns daily will use between 14-20 of our 40 Litre nets of kiln dried ash logs per month, but again its down to how you as the customer controls the heat.

Q. Are your logs ready to burn and where can we store them ?

A. Yes our logs are “ready to burn” and we are Woodsure Accredited with all our logs under 20% moisture. The correct way of checking the moisture is by splitting the log and by placing your moisture meter into the inside, outside and ends of the log, simply add all 6 readings together and divide by six which will give you the correct reading. Storage is important, if you are storing outside its important to have them covered and protected from the rain, logs outside will absorb moisture but will still be okay for burning as long as they don’t get wet. Or simply store them inside your garage or shed.

Q. How often should we get our chimney or flue cleaned?

A. We have always been instructed by our chimney sweep to have it done every year and the best time is always when the burning season has finished as the build up of any soot or debris is easier to remove at this stage. For further information always contact your local chimney sweep for guidance.

Q. What does FSC mean?

A. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo on a wood or wood based product is your assurance that it is made with, or contains, wood that comes from FSC certified forests or from post-consumer waste. There are three types of FSC label: 100%, FSC Mix or FSC Recycled. All of our suppliers are FSC registered and certificates supplied.

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We don’t sell poor quality logs, we sell Premium Logs at affordable prices guaranteeing you the very best of burns.