NEWBURN OVALS Smokeless Coal 20kg
NEWBURN OVALS Smokeless Coal 20kg

Smokeless is suitable for burning in Smoke Control Areas & HETAS approved.

~ Suitable for smoke control areas
~ Excellent heat output
~ Extremely low ash content

Minimum order for delivery is 12 bags unless added to your order

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3 x Kiln dried hand stacked Mixed Hardwood Barrow bags
3 x Kiln dried hand stacked Mixed Hardwood Barrow bags


3 x  35 x 40 x 85cm Bags, logs are hand stacked to maximise the volume of logs.

Average weight per bag is between 48-52kg although this can vary. 

4.5 bags are equivalent to a builders bag in log volume.

Log size is between 23-25cm

As wood is a natural product sizes may vary slightly


Our firewood logs are kiln dried ensuring that the moisture content is below 20% Ready-To-Burn accredited and suitable for safe use in smoke control zones with a DEFRA approved stove.

There are advantages to burning kiln dried hardwood logs.
Higher heat output – Since the moisture content has been substantially reduced through kiln drying, more of the energy released goes into heating rather than evaporating residual water in the wood. Kiln dried wood can provide up to 50% more usable heat energy.
Cleaner burning – With less moisture, there is less creosote build up in chimneys and stove pipes. This reduces the risk of chimney fires.
Easier ignition – Without as much moisture, kiln dried logs light quicker and require less kindling to get a fire going. This makes starting and maintaining a fire easier.
Less smoke – The combustion is more efficient with drier wood, so there is less smouldering and smoke released into the room.
Consistent sizing – Kiln drying often includes splitting and sizing the logs to a consistent thickness. This can allow for better stacking and air flow.
Less bugs – The high heat of kiln drying kills any insects or larvae in the wood. This prevents bugs from being brought into the home.
Less mess – With less moisture, there is less dripping of sap or creosote while the wood is stored and burned.
So in summary, burning kiln dried wood provides more heat, cleaner burning, and easier fire starting while reducing smoke and mess. This can make for a better overall wood burning experience.

Great product at great price

Price includes 5% vat and delivery

Our premium kiln dried logs are ready to burn straight away, these can be used on open fires, log burners, multi fuel stoves, fire pits, chimenea’s and pizza ovens, they generate fantastic heat and burn slower than seasoned logs, this giving you great value for money. 

Our suppliers guarantee all wood is from sustainable woodland and are FSC registered.

We drop your bags as close to your storage area as physically possible, a sack truck will be required to move them when delivered on a pallet.

We can re-use the bags if you don’t require them after you have finished with them, we try and save as many as possible from going to land fill.

All our bags come with a skirt lid which means your logs arrive in the same condition as when they left our facility, this is important to us as there is nothing worse than delivering kiln dried logs in bad weather.


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