Croft Logs 100% Natural Briquettes Double Pack (2×7)
Croft Logs 100% Natural Briquettes Double Pack (2×7)

No spitting No sparking and great for Stoves, open fires and that camp fire.

At 500 x 240 x 75mm the 7 briquette pack is a high performance, convenient solution for all customers needs from log fires and chimeneas giving you a great burn.

The briquettes are very dense, extremely dry high quality logs and long lasting.

These briquettes require to be stored in dry and undercover to retain their excellent burning qualities. Each pack weighs 7.5kg per 7 briquettes, total weight for double pack 15kg.

A great additional fuel for your appliance.

Great product, Great value & Great Heat.

Minimum order of 12 double packs applies unless added to an order which meets our minimum order value qualifying for free delivery

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