“Cook in Wood” Sherry BBQ Smoking Chips 360G
“Cook in Wood” Sherry BBQ Smoking Chips 360G

Sherry (360g)

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Our smoking shavings come from the barrels of the European, French, and American finest wine and spirits producers.

When emptying the barrels, the oak remains infused by the fragrance and flavour of the spirit.

The barrels are carefully selected and verified, later reworked into a unique smoking product that combines outstanding quality and unique flavour.

  • Soak the shavings in water for 30-60 min.
  • Remove the water and place the shavings in an aluminium tray or a special smoking box. If the tray does not have, make a few holes in its base so that the heat passes freely.
  • On charcoal barbecue – Once you have prepared hot coals, place the tray/box with the chips directly on the embers.
  • On a gas barbecue – If your barbecue has a smoking tank, place the tray inside, otherwise place it in a corner under the grill before lighting the barbecue. Conform to the instructions in the manual of your gas barbecue.
  • When the shavings start to smoke, place the desired food.
  • To optimize the cooking process, we recommend closing the lid of the barbecue.
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