3 x SEASONED hand stacked Barrow bags Blue Gum
3 x SEASONED hand stacked Barrow bags Blue Gum

Blue Gum Firewood

  • Mainly red in colour
  • Very dense
  • Smaller than your typical log size
  • Burns extremely hot
  • Can last longer than other firewood
  • Considered as one of the best firewood’s in the world

The Blue Gum firewood that you buy from us is not just “wood”, it is wood from invasive alien trees. By buying THIS wood you help the firewood producers in South Africa in solving an enormous environmental problem that is a real threat to biodiversity. Around 60% of the Agulhas Plain, just one of the landscapes in which they work, is infested by invasive alien plants.  For further information on this firewood please get in touch.


3 x  35 x 40 x 85cm Bags, logs are hand stacked to maximise the volume of logs.

Average weight per bag is between 65kg although this can vary. 

Log size is between 23-25cm

As wood is a natural product sizes may vary slightly

Great product at great price

Price includes 5% vat and delivery

We drop your bags as close to your storage area as physically possible, a sack truck will be required to move them when delivered on a pallet.

We can re-use the bags if you don’t require them after you have finished with them, we try and save as many as possible from going to land fill.

All our bags come with a skirt lid which means your logs arrive in the same condition as when they left our facility, this is important to us as there is nothing worse than delivering kiln dried logs in bad weather.

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